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Tylerton is in the heart of soft shell crab country, so you see the watermen in action. The crabbing season typically starts in May and runs through mid-October. And when the hard crabs come in, there is nothing better than some fresh picked crab meat from the crab co-op.

The island is popular with photographers, fishermen, birders, kayakers and during the winter months, duck hunters. There are extensive kayak trails if you are a paddler. With the winding marsh guts and bird life, Smith Island is a great spot for paddling. Many people come to the island to experience the way of life and feast on fresh seafood and Smith Island cake. It is a welcoming spot for children, who can explore and experience a freedom they may not get at home. Walking, biking or golf carts are the way to go in Tylerton.

As the church is an important part of the islanders' lives, the island is "dry." Most people bring their own liquor discretely on the ferry.

Depending on the time of year, there can be bugs. The sea breeze usually takes care of them - but it is good to be prepared.

The ferry is the Captain Jason II and it runs twice a day leaving Crisfield at 12:30PM and 5:00PM. The return trips are at 7:00AM and 3:30PM. The morning run back to Crisfield has plenty of soft-shell crabs packed for the fish market on it. From January to April the ferry often runs just once a day, so at that time of year it is best to check with the ferry captain.



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The house has been recently renovated. It is one of the most traditional island houses, originally built by
Pauline and Russell Marshall.

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